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Trainer Effectiveness Training 
You can’t teach what you don’t know! You can’t lead where you won’t go! This seminar refreshes your trainers to maximize their classroom effectiveness and, bring measurable transformation in their student outcomes. Learning is fun and when trainers are inspired, so will their messages be.
  • Equip your trainers to manage hecklers, vacationers, and prisoners without losing the explorers.
  • Create a high impact learning environment.
  • Apply facilitation techniques which engage the learner.
  • Recognize and engage different learning styles.
  • Recognize and manage obstacles to learning.
  • Utilize adult learning principles to help learners develop skills.
  • Develop results-based lesson plans
  • Create course descriptions for internal marketing.
Creating a Positive Corporate Culture
Most organizations have underlying core beliefs, attitudes and rituals.  This culture can dictate the difference between high achievement and malaise as well as all points in-between.
  • Explore the big picture including the complexity and rapid change of today’s organizations
  • The importance and impact of culture
  • The characteristics of an effective workplace
  • The characteristics of a high achiever
  • The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
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