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QP3 Management and Supervision Training  
Financial Intelligence
Personal finances are about freedom and lifestyle choices. Corporate finances are typically about revenue generation. There needs to be a financial structure in place to measure success-the success of business decisions that have been made so that strategy for future successes rests on solid ground.

-Get out of the constant state of financial mismanagement-past, present & future
-Financial intelligence-understanding the paradox that it is not about the numbers, it is about what it is that is trying to be created.
-Business accounting of past transactions
-Financial statements of present
-Financial analysis-using the numbers to measure success
-Financial budgeting- aligning the numbers to the business goals
-Financial strategy for the future decision making


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QP3 Management and Supervision Training  
Coaching for Success
Usually the manager assumes the role of coach at the workplace. This seminar assists managers to recognize potential and raise each employee’s skill level that results in better quality and more productivity.

-Raising the standard of employee performance
-Recognizing potential and creating winners
-Problem solving
-Specific communication techniques for coaching
-Conflict resolution
-Contracting for superior performance

The Hiring Zone
As a manager, hiring is one of the most important things they do. In today’s business environment, most managers are so busy that they rush through this process and neglect critical aspects that can mean the difference between strong producers from the start or fire-fighting later on.

-The first step in developing people is hiring the right people for the job
-Resisting the ‘warm body’ hiring syndrome
-Preparing for the interview
-Interviewing techniques
-Understanding the position
-Checking the applicants past
-Understanding legal concerns
-Develop a workbook of job descriptions and interview guides for a train the trainer format

Project Management
Success on the job boils down to “getting things done”. Having systems, structures and tools to facilitate this process will save time, money, and stress.

-Being action focused and focusing on what you can control
-Visioning, goal setting, planning and strategy
-Organization and the tools that help
-Prioritization and scheduling
-Managing projects, programs and people

Teams Work
A team is an elusive entity and is difficult to create and maintain. A true team can accomplish astonishing things, greater than the sum of the individual efforts of the team members.

-Create a team from a group
-Understanding the team concept
-The making of ‘team-builders’ and getting everyone on the same page
-Clarifying roles and responsibilities
-Alignment of goals
-Trust is the essential ingredient
-Motivating employees as a skill set

Emotional Intelligence
“Organizations that learn to operate in emotionally intelligent ways are the companies that will remain vital and dynamic in the competitive marketplace of today-and the future.” 
Daniel Goleman

-Building on strengths
-Standing on values
-Inspiring initiative and achievement
-Building strength through conflict
-Cultivate strong teams
-Top ten habits of high EQ people

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